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Chirodini Ami Je Tomar

We have always heard stories about an ideal daughter, an ideal wife, an ideal daughter in law, an ideal mother. But this story is different. It revolves around an ideal son, an ideal husband, an ideal son in law. Rono Roychowdhury is the ideal man that every girl would want to marry. Caring, sensitive, romantic and of course good looking Rono falls in love with Radha, an innocent young girl, hailing from Durgapur. Radha had a simple life with simple dreams and wanted to make her humble parents proud of her one day. She believed love can happen only once and nurtured her love with Abir till the day she is cheated. Fate takes its course and she get married to Rono, who believed its one life and marriage can happen only once. Rono and Radha come together, and an incredible love story unfolds within the four folds of the house. Rono becomes the doting husband who can bring the world to Radha’s feet but Radha is unable to forget her past and cannot accept Rono. The story weaves together a beautiful love story of Radha and Rono after marriage. But what if the past comes back to the future?

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