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Sasurbari Zindabad

The show revolves around two families and the love story of Kingshuk and Mishtu that develops in this backdrop. However, Kingshuk and Mishtu’s story has one unique crisis-Kingshuk’s family is an all-male one, with an active resentment for women while Mishtu’s family is an all-female one with a simple motto ‘Beware of Men’. Kingshuk’s two uncles-Proloy and Niloy actively avoid women (Proloy is a bramhachari and Niloy has a bitter past experience). On the other hand, Mishtu’s father abandoned left her and her mother. She lives with her mother, her sister, paternal grandfather Gayatri and staunch aunt Shantipriya. Because of their experiences, her family too is wary of men.

However, both Kingshuk and Mishtu do not subscribe to the ideologies of their families and fall in love. Their love stands a difficult trial when the families show no signs of resolving their feud. Will Kingshuk and Mishtu’s love stand the test of time…and their families?

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