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Nayika No.1 1920 x 465

Nayika No. 1

Nayika No. 1 is the story of a junior artist and her hardships and struggles. which fail to break the indomitable spirit of Sheetala Sikdar aka Sheela because she is confident that one day, she will fulfil her dream of becoming a heroine. Through Sheetala’s eyes, we will get to the see the world of entertainment – the perils, the hazards, the humours related to it. The starry-eyed Sheetala faces obstacles in every step but that doesn’t deter her spirit.

People love her for her innocence, jovial nature, and her positive attitude towards life. On the other hand, Suddha hails from a well-educated and disciplined family. Life takes an interesting turn when he takes Sheela’s help to fake his marriage to stop his real marriage arranged by his family. Sheela finally bags a role, but it is of Suddha’s real-life girlfriend. Will Sheela accept this role? What will happen to her dreams of becoming a heroine?

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