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It’s a story about Jahanara, a young, fierce lawyer of 25. She is a born fighter and from a young age she is vocal about all the injustices that the society and their religious community imposed on common uneducated people. But less she knew then that she would have to fight for the injustice against her own beloved sister.

Her and her elder sister Rubina’s upbringing was quite different compared to other families in their locality and it is all because her father Nizamuddin Seikh’s enlightened views. He is a professor in a district University and a devout Muslim. But he is not such a person who follows religion blindly. He knows the true essence of his religion.

So, it is not going to be an easy ride for the two girls for having a different point of view which is much against the established orthodox view of their religion. Rubina, the elder girl, gets married in an orthodox family and everything changes instantly. While her father taught her to fly she is caged in her in-laws’. Her wish for becoming a school teacher gets unfulfilled as women of this house are not allowed to do such things. Rubina is not rebellious like her sister so she tried to adjust herself with this conservative culture of her new home. But she didn’t imagine that the husband (Ashraf) with whom she has started her new journey dreaming a beautiful life ahead actually likes her own sister Jahanara.

On the other hand Jahanara is in love with Ruhan, a young police officer. To see their love and commitment for each other their family decide to unite them. But Ashraf’s evil obsession for Jahanara doesn’t make it happen. On the day of marriage Ruhan is abducted and hiding his face with a ‘sehra’ Ashraf is there in the place of real ‘dulha’. Ashraf and Jahanara get married and when Ashraf is discovered at the place of Ruhan everyone is shocked. Jahanara denies the marriage but then Abdul Khan, father of Ashraf and the real mastermind behind all the plannings, handles the situation tactfully. He blackmails Jahanara by saying that if she doesn’t agree before everyone that she loves Ashraf and it is their mutual wish to get married her dearest people’s life would be in danger. Jahanara finds no other way but follow Abdul Khan’s instruction. Thus Nizamuddin, Rubina, Ruhan and all misunderstand her. Now the hard journey is destined for Jahanara where no one is beside her. She has to fight alone to save her family and get back her real love.

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