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Tumi Je Amar Maa

Tumii Je Amar Maa

Tumii Je Amar Maa is a heart-warming story of a mother- daughter relationship,

Little Arru has everything in life except one, the most important, her mother. The motherless child is pampered by all. She is not used to getting ‘no’ as an answer. But the child has one constant demand that of getting a mother. Her dad Aniruddho Roy Chowdhury runs the family business of a hotel chain. He plays the role of both the parents. Aniruddha loves his only daughter and feels helpless that he’s unable to fulfill Aru’s wish of getting a mother.

Arohi takes up familial responsibility after the demise of her mother. To support her family, she wants a good job. Life has its own ways of showing us new avenues. Arohi lands up getting the job of a mother to little Aru. Through their encounter, Aru and Arohi come close to each other and they develop a beautiful bond- a bond which is beyond blood ties.

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