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Kanak Kakan

Kakon (elder) and Kanok are two sisters. They stay in a 100-year-old house with several other families. On the top floor lives house owner Sibram Babu with his wife Romola, daughter Sangita and her husband who stays with them only. With two sisters, the Sibram household has a good relationship that’s beyond just the tenant-owner one. The sisters used to stay with their parents. When their mother died elder sister Kakon was seven years old only. Their father Lalit Banerjee was a sprinter. He used to dream to turn Kakon into a sprinter but that did not happen as she developed lungs problems. One day, when Lalit was running on the track, he suffered cardiac arrest. Before death, he tells Kakon if Kanok becomes a runner, his departing soul will be satisfied. Kakon, who is a good dancer, starts tuition in dancing school as well as attending functions to make ends meet. Kanak has interest in running too— a dream Kakon shares for her sister. While Kakon has functions and shows, Kanak used to cheer her up and while Kanak is training hard, Kakon is there to encourage her .

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